Blondy’s Tips

Fresh Flowers

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We love  fresh flowers…….even from our local grocery stores!!! Flowers are the easiest way to spruce up your Kitchen!!!! XO

 Favorite Soaps

ZK8A9452 ZK8A9441 ZK8A9447We LOVE cool soaps and unique dispensers! Nothing feels as good, smells as good, or gives you that extra pampered feeling like having your favorite soap right in your kitchen! This is something that you can splurge on or not. We are always finding a new favorite!! You deserve it for all the hard work you do in your home!!! XO

Upholstery in Kitchen

Kitchen Table 067 (1) Kitchen Table 045   We love upholstery in the kitchen!! The kitchen is where we spend most of our time in a day!  A great way to make a kitchen cozier and inviting  is to have an upholstered furniture piece. Even if you have a small space, putting a little chair or a small bench…..whatever fits your space and style! You will be surprised how often you and others will use it. I promise it will become one of your favorite spots in your house!! XO

Pizza Reheat

ZK8A9571 ZK8A9540 ZK8A9537 This is our all time favorite tip for leftover pizza. When you reheat left over pizza it can become soggy and just no good! But with this trick your leftover pizza tastes as fresh and crispy as the day you got it!! You have to be patient for this to work. Place your slice of pizza in a small fry pan on low heat, put a lid on top of pan. Watch your pizza CLOSELY as the bottom can burn easily. Cook until your cheese is melted and bottom is to perfection. Enjoy!! XO